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Yoga by Tammy

Tammy Owens is a 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master that has a passion for teaching Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Ageless Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation to individuals, to classes in studios or in business environments.

Real Training for Real Living

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What is Yoga for Real Life??

Tammy and Renee invite you to Yoga for Real Life, Real Training for Real Living. We will guide you through the core principles of Yoga, and most importantly, find what resonates with you. Yoga for Real Life will show you how to blend yoga into your everyday life using tools that work for you and you will begin living in greater peace, harmony & joy!

Yoga for Real Life offers 10 sessions over 7 months to give you the time to absorb, use, and build on the principles demonstrated in the weekly lessons.   

What Will You Learn?

How yoga relates to your life and how yoga can enable you to live a more peaceful, joyful state.

  • What is the goal? Is there a goal? How does Yoga work?

  • Is yoga a spiritual practice or religious practice, both, or neither?

  • The benefits – mental, physical, and spiritual.

  • What are all these deities? Goddesses?

  • The main paths of yoga & why to practice those paths.

  • History of yoga philosophy – where and how it started.

How to create habits and life disciplines to continue your practice of peace.

  • Learn different variations on how to stay on track and truly integrate the learning into your day

  • Create discipline.

  • Find out why you are blocking yourself from doing what’s best for you

How to use Yoga tools that you can integrate into your daily routine that will positively affect the physical body, the mental body and energetic body.

  • Learn key poses and what they mean, how to do and modify for your body type – and NO you don’t have to be flexible to practice yoga!

  • Core alignment of body – standing, sitting, walking; basics that will help you to feel better.

  • Discuss common physical limitations – how to prevent and how to address:

  • Sciatica, low back pain, neck pain, tightness, etc

  • Learn about the nervous system/basic physiology relaxation, stress – and how to it relates to feeling your best.

  • Concentration/Meditation – what is it really? Learn the basics and different techniques, and find the one that works for you.

  • Positive Thinking.

How to understand and use the Vital Life force to improve overall wellness.

  • Discuss the components of the energetic body: The chakras, gunas & Koshas and how they all relate

  • Mantras/Sanskrit/Chanting/music - how they can affect vibrations and energy.

  • Pranayama – many different pranayama tools to learn and practice; energizing, calming, relaxing, balancing…learn what this does to the physical body while working the energy through Pranayama.

Creating wellness and transformation through Yoga

  • Learn how to redirect energies spent throughout your day and invest that time more wisely – can pay dividends to increased increase and vitality.

  • Dig into core elements of wellness and transformation: Awareness, acceptance, presence, facing fears, detachment, and flow.

If you’re still saying these words to yourself:

“This is a lot…I don’t have time…there’s always so much to do…I’ve got all these responsibilities…. I’ve got bills…I’m tired…my back hurts….” oh, the list can go on!

Ask Yourself....

When will there be a better time? Don’t I deserve to take time for me? If I take time and feed myself, nourish my soul, then won’t all other things fall into place?

Remember, it’s not when everything falls into place that you’ll find peace, but when you find peace, everything will fall into place.

This guided journey will allow you the basics and guide you to finding your path, using Yoga tools best for you to reach your place of place.  Join us to:

  • Find balance by tapping into your intuition and your source of energy, your inner guidance, and your authentic self.

  • Find the ease in practicing your yoga; truly understand how changing your thoughts, your ideas and making concise targeted changes can open up space for good things to come your way.

  • Give yourself a gift; time to focus on your personal growth.

  • Learn a whole lot more!


$425 if paid by Sept 30th, $450 after


Coming Autumn 2019!!
Sessions are on Saturdays. We will offer make-up sessions within the group.
Oct. 5th, & 31st,
Nov. 16th,
Dec. 7th
Jan. 4th, & 25th
Feb. 15th,
Mar. 7th & 28th
April 18th


9 AM - 1 PM


One Peaceful Place, 25 East Mill St Springboro, OH 45066