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Tammy Owens is a 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master that has a passion for teaching Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Ageless Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation to individuals, to classes in studios or in business environments.

Remembering that everyday can be extraordinary...

I was just talking with a good friend of mine this week about how crazy busy life has been the past couple of weeks and feeling disappointed that I haven't found the time to do my spiritual practices in the past week. She was feeling the same way and we supported each other by agreeing that we shouldn't feel guilty about it and that all we can do is our best.

Within hours of talking with my friend a couple of readings have come to my attention as I have gone about my day.  I love it when that happens! Whenever I need a reminder or need a question answered, one appears.  This morning one appeared. It was a reading from Swami Sri Satchidananda, from the "Golden Present". It was a message I have heard before in several workshops I have taken. Basically it was that God is within me and I carry Him with me everywhere I go and with everything I do.  Every chore, errand, that I do should be done as worship, as God's work. "The kitchen is an altar, the house is a temple, and God is in you. When you go to sleep, you are putting God to sleep. When you walk around, you are taking God in a procession".   ~ Swami Satchidananda

I tend to always get hung up on tradition or ritual. Everything needs to be perfect.  I should always sit and meditate in a certain place, the candles have to be lit just right, or that I should always practice yoga in a certain room facing East.  What I find time after time, is that timing and perfect circumstance rarely align together.  Needing to have the perfect surroundings or time to worship, and to feel connected is really just creating excuses as to why I don't.  All I really need to do is remember to do my chores and commitments as God's love and service to my family, friends and community.  Everything should be infused with this intention. I have discovered that when I do this, tasks seem less like  a chore.  Service doesn't have to be on a grand scale all the time.  While it is always great to volunteer, raise money for good causes, our everyday chores are service too if we do them with love and intention.

I will never give up on finding time to fit in my spiritual practices, as they are important to me...I will remember that my everyday activities are just as meaningful as I complete them with love and intention.

I am attaching the reading from Satchidananda.


The picture is a quote by Ram Dass that resonated with me yesterday as well.